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Sha Nan Bo

Zimtown BBQ Charcoal Grill Outdoor Barbecue Pit with Offset Smoker Patio Backyard Black

Zimtown BBQ Charcoal Grill Outdoor Barbecue Pit with Offset Smoker Patio Backyard Black

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  • Humanized Design.The top lid is assembled with a thermometer which is easy for you to read temperature. Wooden handles effectively prevent you from being burnt. The front wood shelf is designed for putting grilling tools or spices on it and easy reach. Other than that, Two rolling wheels are installed at bottom and greatly helps the grill move freely. There is a bottom shelf which offers additional storage space for you.

  • Quality Material.This BBQ grill is mainly made of black coated steel which gives you years of dependable use. After rigorous testing, it meets food safety rules and is healthy and safe for BBQ use.

  • 2 Pieces Mats Perfect for Our Grill.This BBQ mat is a perfect match to our grill, it is of complete non-stick surface, ideal for grilling all kinds of foods, such as Chicken, Eggs, Ribs, Fish ,Vegetables, Steaks, Burgers, Shrimp, Bacon, Grilled Cheese Sandwich and more.

  • Less Smoke Grill with Nonstick Mats.Attached steel firebox can effectively reduce smoking and heat. Side vent is designed for putting more coals and making air flow smoothly. Except for that, our multifunctional grill mats are non-stick which are easy for you to clean. They can be washed in warm soapy water.


  • Color: Black

  • Material: Steel

  • Cooking Height: 75cm / 29.6 Inches

  • Main Chamber: Dia 30.5cm / 12 Inch

  • Side Smoker: Dia 30.5cm / 12 Inch

  • Main Chamber Cooking Area: (24.4 x 11.8)” / (61.98 x 29.97)cm(L x W)

  • Side Smoker Cooking Area: (11.8 X 11.8)” / (29.97 x 29.97)cm(L x W)

  • Wooden Shelf Area: (24.4 X 8.5)” / (61.98 x 21.59)cm(L x W)

  • Thickness Of Material?0.6 mm

  • Product Size: (44.1 x 25.1 x 44.7)” / (112.01 x 63.75 x 113.54)cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Charcoal Grill

  • 1 x User Manual

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