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Sha Nan Bo

STANLEY J309 600-Peak Amp-Starter and Power Station

STANLEY J309 600-Peak Amp-Starter and Power Station

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STANLEY J309 J309 600-Amp-Peak Jump Starter and Power Station delivers jump-starting power with 600 peak amps and 300 instant starting amps. Ideal for V12 AGM, GEL and WET batteries on vehicles up to V6. Reverse polarity alarm alerts when there is an improper connection; simply connect clamps to battery, turn on switch and start your vehicle;. High-powered LED rotates 270 degrees to help you work in the dark. Triple USB ports provide portable power for electronic devices. Jump starter should be charged every 30 days when not in use; charges using a standard household extension cord (not included.) Carrying handle offers convenient portability. New.

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