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Remington PR1362 Titanium Precision Plus TM Rotary Shaver w/ Cordless Operation

Remington PR1362 Titanium Precision Plus TM Rotary Shaver w/ Cordless Operation

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The Remington PR1362 is a titanium precision plus? a rotary shaver. The PR1362 rotary shavers active contour design has enhanced contour and linked cutters that keeps the heads in close contact with the skin on the neck and chin. It keeps your shaver fresh with easy washing under the faucet. Titanium twin track blades . get maximum skin contact for a quick shave with the two tracks of ultra-durable titanium blades on each rotary head lithium power rechargeable battery precision plus cutting system active contour for a close shave power flex 360 . advanced design allows the entire shaver head to adjust to any angle on the face anti-microbial for a fresh shave every time add the power of titanium to your shave with the Remington R5100 series rotary shaver. The titanium-coated blades deliver durability and performance quickly shaving hair close to the skin with every pass. Dependable lithium power offers up to 60 minutes of cordless runtime after just 90 minutes of charging with a 5-minute charge option for a quick shave. The pivoting shaver head adjusts to any angle on your face and the titanium twin track blades stay in close contact with the skin to help prevent irritation and deliver a fast-shaving experience. Plus clean shaving is easy with the fully washable shaver and a special anti-microbial additive that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria.

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