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Sha Nan Bo

Reese Towpower A-Frame Trailer Jack

Reese Towpower A-Frame Trailer Jack

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This Reese Towpower 74407 A-Frame Jack has a top-wind handle design that provides easier cranking. Equipped with thread and thrust bearings, it brings down the force of friction drastically and makes lifting weights easier. The handle of this top wind trailer jack is easy to fold and it locks into the storage position without any hitch. Its been specifically designed to provide excellent facility for rising or descending weights up to 2000 lbs and the cylindrical handle reduces the amount of effort you put in the process. With its durable tubing and a standard detachable base, this top wind trailer jack provides more stability while operating. Other add-on features of the trailer leveling jack are that it includes a weld-on mounting bracket and a detachable foot plate for comfortable usage. This Reese Towpower A-Frame Jack 74407 is thus a great replacement part for any A-Frame trailer as it is quite easy to install and operate.

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