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Sha Nan Bo

Pothos 'Green'

Pothos 'Green'

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Known for their fast-growing luscious vines. The Pothos plant is a perfect addition to boring office spaces or dark rooms. Surviving in low-light conditions this plant just keeps on going and is excellent at purifying the air.?

Grow Pot Size: 4
Overall Height Including Grow Pot: 8-10
Plant Care Level: Easy

Key Benefits?

With lots of bright indirect light and a regular watering routine. The pothos will explode with growth!?

Share with a friend! This plant is easy to propagate. Trim your plants in the spring and gift them to a friend!?

Pothos Green Care Tips

  • Other Common Names: Jade Pothos
  • Binomial Name: Epipremnum aureum
  • Care Level: Easy
  • Light: Bright, indirect to low light
  • Water: Allow the top 2 of the soil to dry
  • Pet Friendly: No

The Pothos Green Story

Where is it from?
The pothos is originally from Southeast Asia

Who is the Pothos Green
The Pothos Green is a great beginner plant known for its vining habit.

Good For You!
Pothos are a great addition to any bedroom as it sets the cozy, relaxing mood. Pothos are usually at the top of any air-purifying list. They are great at removing toxins from the air.

Is the Pothos Green the right plant for me?

We love Pothos plants because they are easy to care for and grow quite quickly! They can fill up a space in no time whether that be trailing down a bookshelf, hanging from the ceiling, or covering the entire wall, they are perfect for any space! Allow the top 1-2 of soil to dry between watering. Water thoroughly and remove any excess water. Do not allow the soil to become completely dry.

Pet Friendly: Unfortunately, Pothos plants are not pet-friendly.

Location Suggestions: The Pothos is perfect for your living room, bedroom, kitchen, and office.

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