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Terms & Conditions

  1. Payments are made thru Banco De Oro by depositing at least 50% or 100% of the Total Fee.
    • Account Type: Savings Account
    • Account Name: Mark Ryan Espero
    • Account Number: 2080060674
  2. Please pay only 50% or 100% for the down payment. You can only choose between 50% and 100%. Please call or text us after making the deposit, to get confirmation.
  3. In the event that there are cancellations of one or more people, you will still have to pay what was booked for them. For example, you booked for 5 people for ₱5,000, 50% down payment. If you arrived and there are only 4 of you, you still have to pay the remaining 50% of the original amount which is ₱5,000. In short, you have to pay for everything that was booked. Cancellations are non-refundable and non-rebookable.
  4. Please keep the deposit slip because we will collect that on the tour date right before departure from Manila. Along with this, we will collect the remaining balance of 50% of the booked amount before we leave Manila. We accept photos of the deposit slip, in case you lose the paper copy.
  5. For Saturday-Sunday Weekend Tours, we accept down payment bookings until 5:00 pm of the Friday prior to the tour date. For any other days, the cut-off time for down payment bookings is 5:00pm 2 days before the tour date. For example, if the tour date falls on a Friday, then the deadline for the down payment is on the Wednesday before that Friday (except Holy Week and all Scheduled Weekday Tours as announced on Facebook).
  6. PinoyCaravan reserves the sole right to cancel the tour in the event of unfavorable weather, natural disaster, or in general, when your security will be jeopardized.
  7. In the event of cancellation of the trip, we commit to return your paid-up fee within 45 days after date of trip. You can reschedule your trip, subject to availability of tour date.
  8. Free pick-up for 12-14 passengers (choose single pick-up point between Makati and Quezon City only, we do not pick up passengers on multiple locations).
  9. PinoyCaravan reserves the sole right to modify the itinerary schedule without prior notice, including assignment of Roofed Cottages/ Tables and Chairs. Also, please ensure you free your entire 2 days during the trip. PinoyCaravan is not obliged to modify the time schedule, for example the time of going home. Prior arrangements for early departure can be done, but only if everyone in your van agrees to depart earlier than scheduled.
  10. This tour was not meant to be a private tour, but a group tour instead, so you will meet other people in this tour. On some weekends, hundreds of people camp with PinoyCaravan. Be prepared to blend with large crowds, around dozens of bonfires. Be prepared to mingle with all sorts of people.
  11. During the night at the camp site, please be mindful of other guests. Keep noise levels at the minimum. For people who go nuts when they get drunk, have someone to remind you to drink moderately.
  12. Guests attending with their boyfriends, please make sure your boyfriends will take care of you during your stay. We will provide very minimal assistance during hiking, trekking, climbing up the mountains, etc. to allow your boyfriends to take care of you. As opposed to our tour guides taking care of you.
  13. Tour Guide Assignment is subject to availability but we will try to accommodate special requests as much as we can. PinoyCaravan is an honest, camping-services-only company. Please respect our tour guides (strictly camping services only).
  14. PinoyCaravan does not insure nor guarantee the protection of your own personal property, health, life and safety during the entire trip. Procure necessary health and travel insurance as you see it fit.
  15. Terms and conditions subject to change without prior notice.