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Welcome to the Camping Capital of the Philippines

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Discover Our Legendary Islands 


San Antonio, Zambales is the camping capital of the Philippines since 2009. Since then, the number of visitors has been steadily increasing year after year, rivaling other 'best beaches' destinations like Puerto Galera and Boracay in terms of tourist arrivals. One of the best kept secrets of Luzon Island.

Pundaquit, San Antonio is famous for its 4 coves and 1 island. The 4 coves are named Anawangin, Nagsasa, Talisayin Silanguin. The island is called Capones Island, home of the antique Spanish era lighthouse that looks out to guard the West Philippine Sea.

Beach Camping is the only form of accommodation in the coves and there is no direct road access to the camp grounds. The lack of electricity and cellphone signal adds to the allure of getting 'trapped' in an island with only a few people to spend quality time with. In the tradition of Survivor Philippines, the night is lit with tiki torches (suló), bonfires and the night sky. A very special and unique experience like no other in the world.

Pine Tree Forest provides cover for tent shelters and produces that unique swooshing sound inside it. It's weird enough to see pine forests in tropical islands, and it's even more weird that they line up along the white sand beaches. Surely a sight and sound to behold. 

Bangka is the only means of transportation to the coves. Bangka is the name of the traditional and ancient Filipino mode of sea transportation. Experience our culture and enjoy our company.


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